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Malaysia Bangladesh Holdings Pte. Ltd. (MBH), is a leading and government authorized Human Resources exporter in Bangladesh. The company is engaged in the recruiting and exporting skilled,

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House No. 95, Road No. 07, Sector No. 04, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.

+880 2 4896 3731, 4895 9921-22

+880 2 4896 3736

+880 1713 041131, 01973 041131, 01671 040325

malaysia.bangladesh@gmail.com, info@mbhlbd.com

Operation Flow Chart

 Recruitment Department

Manpower Sourcing 
  1. Advertisement
  2. Provincial Recruitment Activity
  3. Branch Office/Through Agent
  4. Recruitment Permission from the Government.
Applicants Section                                    
  1. Preliminary Interview
  2. Final Interview (Done by Employer’s Representative)
  3. Trade Test 
  4. Discussion of Salary Accepted Workers will proceed to Mobilization.
Completion of Documents Section        
  1. Verification of Submitted Document 
  2. Medical Certificate, CID, Passport & Set of pictures.
  3. Signed Employment Contract.
  4. Filled-out Card/ Visa Application Form
Selected Applicants                                  
  1. Printing of Accepted Applicants
  2. Signed by the Employers Representative
  3. Copy given to Employer, Mobilization Dept & Processing Dept, Account Section

Transmission of Docs for Processing    
All Completed Documents will be transmitted to processing Department

                 Processing Department                 

Deployment Section                                      
  1. Flight Schedule Booking
  2. Working will undergo for Pre-departure
  3. Account Opening with Bank
  4. Discussing of Remittance of their Beneficiary with worker
  5. Clearance (Accounting Department)
  6. Ticketing

Pre-departure Formalities (Airline/Airport)

D.O.E Processing in-charge
Upon receipt and verified transmitted Docs. Following will be added info Sheet (Workers Information Data)

  1. Translation into Local Language 
  2. Request for 2nd procedure approval




Deployment Section
Visas Processing.
Document to D.O.E Request For 3rd Procedure approval orientation.
Emigration Clearance from BMET.
Final orientation.
-Document conclusion, record and filing at office
-To send documents to the Embassy at the  
 country worker go.
-To submit the List of the Departure Workers & workers who pass the orientation waiting for departure to D.O.E. every month.


The Complete Activities

1.1 Planning & Scheduling:​ 
The planning and scheduling for a particular project is prepared in the Board meeting of the company in cooperation with the administration department. Planning chart for dispatching workers, skilled or unskilled, efficiently is worked out well ahead of time. Throughout the job, the schedule is continually reviewed by all the departments concerned in order to keep everything up to date with the latest information and to assure the realization of the targeted job within stipulated time without any late or hindrances.
1.2 Selection:    
On behalf of the clients, MBH advertises its requirements in the local newspapers for efficient and skilled workers. Recruitment is done primarily at our Testing facilities with necessary working aids and supporting staff. As per demand schedule, we also make preliminary selection ourselves trade-wise before employer’s representatives make final selection. We conduct final delectation ourselves if authorized by employer. The MBH can meet demand for unskilled laborer’s at short notice from its own databank where a sizeable number of them is always ready for immediate dispatch to meet urgent demand from the employers.
1.3 Criterion and Procedures for Selecting Workers:
    A.  Age-The worker must be young (between 20-35 years)
    B.  Physical fitness-He/she must be physically fit, hardworking, disciplined and must have aptitude for and basic skill on the particular job. 
    C.  Any specific requirement indicated by the employer – Such as elementary knowledge in spoken English. This ensured before selection is mode. 
    D.  Medical Examination- Full Medical Examination is mandatory for all workers. intending candidates are sent to the authorized medical Centre as nominated by the Embassy of the country of employer.
1.4 the Dispatch Chart From Selection to Handing Over Workers the Employer Are as Follows:
(I) Preliminary selection: Preliminary selection is mode on receipt of initial intimation form the employers as to the type and number of personnel.
(II) Permission: On receipt of demand Letter (dully attested by Bangladesh Embassy) from employers, permission is taken form Ministry of Labour and Manpower, Government of Bangladesh. Time required: about 7 working days.
(III) Final Selection: Through interviews is taken at the pre-selection and final selection of worker in the specific skill as per requirement of the employer. – Time required for final selection: 14 days from receipt of the official order from the employer.
(IV) Medical Fitness Test: All the selected workers must go through mandatory medical test by clinics / doctors, authorizes by the Embassy of the country of employment Time required: 3 days
(V) Passport: For those worker who do not possess valid Passport, a new Passport is arranged. – Time required: 15 days
(VI) NOC Application documents (If block visa is not available): Relevant papers & documents for NOC application are dispatched to employers along with the following: 
  • Passport (Photo copies) and Experience/Academic Certificates.
  • Photographs & Bio-Data of the selected workers. –Time required: 5 days
(VII) Receipt of Visa advice from employers: The visa advice sent by the employers needs to be authenticated by the relevant and competent authority of the country of employment. Obtain Immigration clearance from BMET – Time required: 3 days
(VIII) Visa endorsement: On receipt of visa advice from relevant authorities, Passports are submitted to the relevant embassy in Dhaka for Visa Stamping. – Time required: 4 to 5 days or depends on the Embassy advised to the employer: - Time required: 3 days
(X) Dispatch of worker: On receipt of visa form the Embassies, the personnel are sent to the respective country as per schedule advised to the employer. – Advice sent before 2/3 days of dispatch or as advice by the employer
(XI) Required period of dispatch: After receipt of NOC (Visa advice) for the worker form the employer MBH ca dispatch the worker within 10/15 days
1.5 Management of Remittances of Workers Salary/wages:
This can be organized in either of the following ways:
Malaysia Bangladesh Holdings Pte. Ltd. will arrange open Foreign Currency Account in Bangladesh for all workers to enable them to remit their wages/allowances to their families or the nominees. Full guidance and explanation will be given to them as to the operation of the account. In order to cope with this situation we arrange a pre-departure orientation course for the workers for one week in which we discuss in details, all the points of probable difficulties supposed to be faced by the workers. We brief the workers on the following points:
(A) Job Description : We explain in detail the job title of the workers along with their related duties, terms and conditions of employment contract clause such as designation, salary, overtime, food, lodging and duration of contract. We also explain to the workers other benefits like incentives pay, vocational award, social insurance and its contribution.
(B) Custom, Tradition, Social Rules and Restrictions: It is known that all the middle-East countries are strict about Islamic principles and do not like any hindrance to local social customs and Islamic rules. Therefore, we brief them as follows: Propaganda of religion other than Islam is not allowed. Anti-labour activities, political arguments and gatherings are not allowed. Drinking liquor, gambling and any violence against law are prohibited. We alert them that the punishment for theft is cutting hand or foot and includes amputation of limbs. We acquaint them with such laws as beheading for murder, flogging for the minor offence. We also tell them that adultery, rape, prostitution are strictly prohibited. If anybody is found involved, capital punishment may be award. Further, taking picture of local women, children factories and refineries are prohibited. 
(C) Advice for better relationship with fellow workers: Our advice to workers are as follows:
  • To Quarrel with each other is a great offence.
  • Foremen’s order must be followed.
  • Any problem faced must be informed to foreman.
  • Not to divulge any company’s secret to others
  • Loitering around residential area is strictly prohibited.
  • To use proper dress
  • Long hair is not acceptable
  • Hoisting any other Foreign Flag is not allowed.
  • Involvement in local people’s affairs is prohibited.
  • Strike, rally, joining processions will be punishable offence.