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Malaysia Bangladesh Holdings Pte. Ltd. (MBH), is a leading and government authorized Human Resources exporter in Bangladesh. The company is engaged in the recruiting and exporting skilled,

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Man Power in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Country Profile

Capital: Dhaka
Population:  150 million (Approx)
Language:  Bengali / English
Ethnic Groups: Bengali (98%)
Religion:  Islam (89%), Hinduism and others (11%)
Resources:  Garments, Fish, Jute Goods, Leather Products, Manpower
Currency:  Bangladesh Taka (BDT)
Life expectance:  62 years


Full name: People's Republic of Bangladesh
Population: 160 million (UN, 2015)
Capital: Dhaka
Area: 143,998 sq km (55,598 sq miles)
Major language: Bengali, But English is widely spoken
Major religions: Islam, Hinduism
Life expectancy: 62 years (men), 63 years (women) (UN)
Monetary unit: 1 Taka = 100 paisa
Main exports: Garments, Fish, Jute Goods, Leather Products, Manpower
GNI per capita: US $1600 (World Bank, 2018)
Internet domain: .bd 
International dialing code: +880

BANGLADESH – The Unending Reservoir of Manpower

Bangladesh is one of the most populous countries of the world. The country is rich in Human Resources of skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled manpower. The nation has a fifty million strong workforce among the population of approximately one hundred fifty million. 

Since time immemorial Bangladeshis have distinguished themselves as sincere and hard working people in the countries across the Asian continent. They have also earned reputation as gentle, honest and good workers by their efficient services and unflinching, devotion to duty for decades in the countries such as UK, USA, Canada, Middle East, Africa, Far East, South East and Europe. They have achieved high grade for their commitment to responsibility and flexibility to adjust to change working environment.  

Moreover, Bangladesh workforce have created a place of eminence in the manpower map of the Islamic world like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Brunei, Gulf region, Middle East, South East, North Africa Etc. Over million of Bangladeshi workers are now working in the brotherly countries of the world. They have been successfully employed in various jobs ranging from those of the Un-skilled, Semi-skilled, Maid and Skilled to those of sophisticated professionals like; Doctor, Engineer, Teachers, Nurses and various specialized post. These qualities emanate from their inheritance of a blend of rich culture, education & training system and placed them in good stead under most trying circumstances.

Bangladesh offers a substantial manpower reserve-skilled, un-skilled, educated and otherwise. There is a good supply of relatively low cost labour in the country. Many of them have a working knowledge of English & Arabic language and posses the basic skills required by industries. Of late, there is an increasing supply of professionals, technologists and other middle and low-level skilled workers. They received technical training from Universities, Colleges, Technical Training Centers, Polytechnic institute etc. 


Bangladesh – an unending reservoir of manpower. The country is rich in human resources of skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled manpower. The nation has more than fifty million strong workforces among the population of approximately one hundred fifty million.

Moreover, Bangladesh workforce have created a place of eminence in the manpower map of the world specially in the Far East, South East, Middle East, South East, Gulf and Africa. Million of Bangladeshi workers are now working in this region.

The manpower export trade has developed tremendous in Bangladesh over the years. The reason for this is many. The country is rich in trained manpower. Workers are disciplined, obedient and their productivity is beyond question. The employers are very happy with their service.

The Bangladesh workforce is also cost effective for the employers. Their sincerity and devotion to duty are unquestionable. Since Bangladesh is a tropical country having different climates in different seasons. Workforces can adapt themselves to any climatic condition in the shortest possible time. That has put them in high demand simultaneously in the East and the West.

Bangladesh is well connected by air with the countries receiving workforce. Almost all major airlines connect it with the West, East and the Middle East. Besides Biman, Bangladesh national carrier and many foreign carrier flies from New York in the west to Tokyo in the Far East. Therefore, dispatch of worker to any destination is quick and faster. Also Most of the foreign countries have established their diplomatic mission in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh to make easier for us to  ndorse necessary work visas for selected workers.

Female Bangladeshi workers working in a Sea Food Processing Industry in Mauritius